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I am not only trained as a Psychologist, but also as a "Woo Woo" specialist.  Yeah, not a technical term, but still fun to say.  

What is Woo Woo?  Well, it's the next best thing since sliced bread, that's what!  Still not clear?  I figured that might be the case, so I'll expand a little more.  When I was trained as a Psychologist, we focused on learning about "research based" techniques that focused on the MIND.   While this approach is filled with good intentions and at a point in our humanity psychology needed to help us get beyond the stigma of seeking emotional support, it is still missing the fact that we are comprised of MIND - BODY - SPIRIT.   When we separate the three components that make us human, we end up struggling seeing quick, effective, and lasting results in our quality of life.  

I stumbled upon learning Woo Woo when I went through a HUGE cluster you know what, in my life in 2015.  Despite having been trained and practicing for over a decade as a Psychologist at this point AND seeking my own mental health treatment for almost the same length of time, I was not immune to life's moments of CLUSTER you know what.  So at 9 months pregnant I began a journey into the great unknown while also becoming a single mom of an autistic 5 year old, newborn, beginning an unpaid 3-mo maternity leave, on an empty bank account and wavering will to live.   Yeah - that kind of cluster you know what!  

This is when a force took over my life that was greater than me.  I surrendered between tears and diaper changes, allowing myself to be guided to grow and change.  I knew I didn't want more of THIS while at the same time had NO CLUE what lie ahead.  Facing my fears, I began to feel guided to learn about Woo Woo: Past Life Regression Therapy, Reincarnation, Energy Medicine, New Science, Meditation, Metaphysical and Intuitive Healing, Shamanism, Plant Medicine, and so much more!  It's time to share what I've learned across the globe - and revolutionize how we approach MENTAL HEALTH.   We are deeply capable of healing ourselves, when we approach ourselves on a holistic level: Mind - Body - Spirit. 

I'm so glad you're here to learn.  Much love to you!

Be The Change Masterclass

A MASTERCLASS FOR ALL AGES (Adults, Teens, & Children are welcome)

Here is what you can expect to learn and experience during this online course:

- Daily Text Reminders to THINK PEACE @ 11:11 AM CDT for 2-3 minutes.  

- BE THE CHANGE ACTION CHALLENGE: A monthly fun-filled list of ideas that you can show up in your day to day life in silly, meaningful, and exciting ways to Be The Change in your life.  When we desire the world to improve, starting at home, in your community, and workplace/school are great starting points.  We are there ALL THE TIME, right?   So when we become focused on creating a difference each day with people we see, interact with, and impact on a daily basis - well, we are making the world a better place.  Something as simple as writing a kind note to a friend, helping your teacher clean up their room, or sharing your food with someone who looks hungry can truly change the world.  So, get ready to take some action!

- BE THE CHANGE INTERNAL CHALLENGE TOPICS: It's time to look inward and begin to make some changes.  Did that scare you a little?  Well, if it did, I am here to let you know that looking inward is not as hard as it seems.  So, I will be your guide to gently offer some psycho-education, writing prompts, reflection, and concrete tools to begin shifting some of that stuck energy.  You're worth it, after all!   Each topic will begin to transform your life, as I guide you on the steps that I took to radically transform my own life.

- GUIDED MEDITATION: Ah, meditation was a game changer for me.  It is such a powerful tool to change and transform our lives, that I am so excited to offer it to you in this membership.  I will be offering a guided meditation to clear your energy field and experience more of what the theme of this month, in real time.  Let's OM and HUM together already!

- POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS:  Can’t forget about rewiring that brain of yours with all the positive mindset training affirmations you could ever want – in one spot!  Easy peasy!  You’ll be feeling more grateful, positive, and expanded self love before you know it!  Make sure to practice these throughout your day by repeating them in your head, posting them in your home or office for prompts in your environment (remember that learning new habits takes time and cues), and journal them every day (writing the same sentence at least 9 times in a row without interruption and up to 81 times (9x9) will enhance the thought power of manifestation and law of attraction).  Let’s get you well on your way to a better life…one thought at a time.

- FACEBOOK COMMUNITY (Masterclass Members Only):  Join with like-minded people by READING GROUP RULES MODULE (read and answer question - then click to join)!  You’ll have this platform to connect with, process, and create a whole new level of change TOGETHER!  Let’s unite for common outcomes!  I’ll see you there!

- BONUS: EXPERT VIDEOS! I am adding a leading expert to share their thoughts, experiences, and expertise on topic.  There will be a recording for you to listen to, so that you can hear another perspective on this topic!  I know, pretty fantastic right?!?!    You are welcome to reach out to any of these experts to seek out advice and guidance.  (Caveat: Any connections are not liable by Sue Sexton)

Bring your kids along on this journey!  The more the merrier!  The whole family gets to learn and grow together - can anyone say "Family Night" fun!?!?  Ha ha!  

At any point in time, if you have questions or have a topic you'd love to learn more about, please reach out to Sue on our community page!  After all, this is a co-learning experience - we are all each other's students and teachers.  

Thanks for being here and BEING THE CHANGE! 

YOU make a difference just by being you.  (these steps are just the sprinkles on top of the awesomeness of who you naturally are!)

Dump & Dream Workshop

Welcome Friend!

I'm so excited that you're here, ready to learn how to not only MANIFEST (Dream) exactly what you want into your life, but also learn how to SHIFT (Dump) out the blocks we all have as humans to our inherent birth right of an abundant life.


You'll want to go in order in the workshop - starting at the top and working your way down.   Why?  Well, it's going to simply make more sense if you start out on top (Introduction) and then work your way through dumping, then dreaming, then blending the two into your daily life.


However, if you're a bit of a rebel and rule breaker, I'm sure you'll figure it out along the way...even if out of order.


Enjoy the materials!  Get ready to create a LIFE YOU LOVE as you unload the parts that interfere with creating more of what you desire.

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